The best way to learn is by doing. Ninety percent of our culinary program is hands-on. You cook everyday, working closely with fellow students and Chef Instructors, you prepare a complete meal, going beyond technique to include taste, style, aroma, composition and presentation. You taste and dine, learning to refine your cooking, appreciate what it takes to get great results, and work towards culinary artistry.

CCLI has extensive industry connections by placing its students at top hotels around Metro Manila. CCLI has tie ups with several schools & Colleges to provide culinary training to their HRM students. CCLI also trains those with F&B experience who require certification to work in international cruise lines.

Chef's Examination day

CCLI unique hands-on learning experience peppered with paid, professional internships, equips each student with the skills needed for a successful career in the culinary industry.

A culinary education is a fine art and few culinary schools practice the art as well as CCLI.